Thursday, March 17, 2016

Campus Winter Wonderland

Last night we had lots of wind and rain. We knew that it would most likely change into snow overnight, but we didn't know how much snow was supposed to fall for sure. This morning when I woke up spring had seemed to disappear and winter was in full force yet again. The wet grass had turned to a large blanket of white fluffy snow. Campus was covered in it, every tree was white, signs were white, and buildings were covered as well. Here is one of the first pictures I got going out in the morning. 

From there I decided to go on a walk around campus and see what else I could find in this world of white snow. As I explored I was able to find some bright colors that were slightly hidden by the snow. The evergreen trees still had needles poking out from under the cover of snow. The image below shows the green of the needles against the white snow.

In addition to the evergreens there were some red berries that were still on the tries from the fall that had survived the winter. Just like the tree needles the berries were covered in snow and ice, but were still showing their red color. This image is one of my favorites of the berries. 

If you would like to see the rest of the album head over to: to browse all the images from the snow. 

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