Monday, January 18, 2016

Breakers in Winter

Due to the unusual warm winter we have been having here in the U.P. of Michigan, I had the opportunity to check out Breakers on Lake Superior in January without it being completely covered in ice. A friend of mine and I decided to take a trip out to the lake to see what we could find. After parking and hiking out to the shoreline we decided to walk along the beach for a while and see what different images we could create. One of the cool things to photograph at this location is the lighthouse that is part of the break wall that leads into the Portage.

With the minimal ice build up along the shoreline for this time of year and the lake being quite choppy the day we were out there, I was able to capture some nice photos of waves crashing up along the shoreline. One of the better photos had the lighthouse in the background with a large wave crashing into the ice.

While we were out along the shore, we happened to run into another photographer who had a similar idea as I did. He had taken his snowmobile out to the shore and was capturing some different images. I was able to get this image of him walking along the shore when a large wave came in. The splashing framed him nicely and turned out pretty cool.

If you enjoy these shots, check out the rest of the album here:

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