Sunday, January 24, 2016

Eileen's Winter Portrait Shoot

I had the pleasure of working with Eileen this weekend on a snowy winter photo shoot. At first she was worried that the photos wouldn't turn out good or would look awkward, but I assured her that wouldn't happen. After all it was my job to make sure they photos turned out looking great. 

We were luck to have such a nice day to be out shooting. The past week had been cold and snowy, but we got a mild temperature day and partly cloudy which made for great lighting and a good time. We started out the day at one of the local cross country ski trails to see what kind of scenes we could create for the first set of photos. After walking around the area, we decided to trek into the woods and look for a clearing to try some photos. To start things off I wanted to try some fun posed to get Eileen relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. Here is one of the earlier photos taken, her bright colors pop against the white snow and brown trees and make for a nice composition. 

On our way to the next location we decided to stop on the side of the road where there were some pine trees as part of a field. She did a quick change to try out another outfit with the green of the trees. As we were shooting in the trees, the wind started to pick up in the field and knock snow off the top of the trees. In an instant it had started "snowing" so we quick took a couple of shots with the falling snow. This one shows the joy on Eileen's face as the snow was falling.

After we were done playing in the trees, it was onto the next location to play in the snow a little more. One of the places I love to shoot up near Houghton is Covered Rd. It makes for interesting tree lines along the road and a nice woody area to shoot. We decided to try some shots of playing with the snow and this was one of the resulting images. 

We continued on with our day of shooting moving to a location with water. The nice thing about this location was the moving water, so the ice didn't freeze all the way over and made for an interesting backdrop. The temperature was starting to get a little cold after being outside for so long, so I decided to try the next shots with her coat and scarf on. These turned out to be some of my favorite shots from the day. The open water and outfit made for some really nice combinations. This next photos is probably one of my favorites from the entire day. 

After a long day of shooting we were both tired, but had a good time. I was thrilled when I got back and loaded the images onto my computer. So many of the shots had turned out great. I will leave you with this one last photo that shows how we felt at the end of the day, ready for a nap.

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